Ki Haku Dojo

Ki Haku Dojo in Findlay, Ohio offers excellent martial arts training programs. Whether you are interested in mastering one of the oldest arts in the world, becoming more physically fit, spending more time together as a family or learning self-defence techniques, Ki Haku Dojo can help you achieve your goals. Our programs are personalized to our students' age, experience and fitness level.

Ki Haku Dojo offers classes in:

  • * Traditional Shotokan Karate
  • * Karate Tournament training (Kata and Kumite)
  • * Weapons training (Bo staff, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchucks and Kama)
  • * Self-defence techniques
  • * Tai-Chi

Black Belt Testing October 29 Saturday 3pm

Ki Haku Dojo Karate Class

Happy 2016 Halloween

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Soke Nowlhs Caseres, Chief Instructor and Owner, is a 10th degree blackbelt in Ki Hakuha Shotokan Karate. He founded Ki Haku Dojo in 1993. Soke is a former World Cup and Pan American Games champion, a Shotokan Master of the Year 2005 and a member of the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Soke Caseres personally teaches our classes.

Soke Nowlhas Caseres - Chief Karate Instructor

Stop by for a personal tour of our school or call 419-424-3200 for additional information. Email us at

We look forward to meeting you.